Man in the Mirror

I grew up with the Jackson 5, a year older than Michael. My fondness for the child grew into a profound respect for the young musical talent, especially his song writing. Like many, the media fascination with his eccentricities often overshadowed my appreciation of the artist.
It’s been in the days since he’s passed that I have listened to the music I grew up with and the music that made him a legend. People on the street all offer a favorite song of his, and I certainly had one. For me it was the introspection of Man in the Mirror. It is the consummate artist searching for the essence of what makes us who we are.
For many of my generation, Michael Jackson and his artistry were a part of what made us who we are. Because of this, no matter the tragic nature of his later years, I will celebrate the artist who gave me some of my best musical memories.


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