Writer’s Guilt

We throw the words around so much we might as well tattoo them on us. “I’m sorry.” If we don’t utter them, we’re thinking them. We’re sorry because we have neglected family or friends for that short story or novel in progress. We’re sorry that the story draft isn’t polished enough when we bring it to be critiqued. We’re sorry that we haven’t made time to write that query or catch up on our submissions. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

What is it with writers and our embrace of guilt? You don’t see doctors or lawyers apologizing for missing appointments or deadlines. It’s time for writers to declare their own independence day. No more guilt. No more apologies. Do your best every time you sit down to do what you do. No one can expect more than that, not even you.  The next time you’re tempted to apologize for any aspect of being a writer, stop! Take a fast. No guilt for at least a day. Then two. Pretty soon, you’ll expunge it completely from your days.


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