My Kingdom for an Admin.

I teach full time so my writing time is “precious and few” as the old song goes. When I’m whiling away at teaching, I’m thinking of all the things I want to be doing with my writing. And yet, when that time comes and I sit down, something stands in my way. It isn’t writer’s block. It’s panic. I know I have so little time that I fear I can accomplish nothing and thus I don’t.

When I’m hit by these times, I often turn to the one thing that is always a burden because it has to be done and yet, it is so time consuming: submitting. I allot two hours on a Saturday afternoon to research markets and submit a minimum of 3-4 stories before I sit down to write. Unfortunately, even with the tools available to writers today – Duotrope I LOVE you! – it is a black hole of time. My two hours becomes four easily and the four stories becomes two. And writing time? None left because it’s time to cook dinner.

What every writer needs is an admin or administrative assistant. Someone with more analytical skills than them who sees structure and organization as positives not tools of torture. A writer friend of mine sets up alerts to tell her of pending contest deadlines. But she still misses them. That’s what we do. Writers can’t be bothered with that date setting, time keeping stuff. We need to be free to wield the pen practicing our craft daily without the worry of administrative hoo-ha. So, man. Where can I get me an admin? Is there a lottery for that? If so, I want as many tickets as my teaching allowance will buy. One.

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