Writer’s Notebook

     Ideas. They come at me out of nowhere, and usually, when it’s least convenient. You know, driving down the road, in the bathroom, in the middle of church, and when someone is talking to me. I mean how rude is that? “Excuse me, hold that thought so I can write this idea down.” Proof in their minds that I’m not listening when in fact I was listening, and what I heard inspired an idea.
     That’s how it is with ideas. Weird, bizarre snatches of things produce them. Once it was an obituary. The person who had died had two completely different names; first, middle, and last. My writer brain went: whoa, why would someone have two separate identities? A story was off and running. I overheard a line of conversation in an elevator. The one line became the first line of a story. Sometimes it’s a person. A stranger in a crowd who fascinates me. I create a persona to go with the person and a background and a life and pretty soon they have a story to tell. Ideas are everywhere. It’s just up to us as writers to snatch them from the air and pursue them. It begins when you sit down, and write every day. Even if what you’re writing down are the ideas that you’ll pursue later.


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