I think we’ve lost our perspective in ways that are frightening, in a 1950’s kind of way. Every year our school district – like many across the country – puts on a convocation to celebrate opening a new school year. This event is attended by teachers, staff, city employees, politicians, and random students and parents. At these convocations, politician after politician takes to the stage and gives a speech intended to inspire everyone to have a good year. At graduation and award ceremonies each year, it’s the same type of thing.

    Historically speaking presidents and other political leaders have addressed students regarding school and specifically, the beginning of the school year. Yet, this year the very thought that our president would address school children to inspire them to do well has unleashed a hue and cry the likes of which we’ve not seen since the suggestion that schools teach sex education. Did I miss something?

    It was okay for Bush (41) to do it, but it’s not okay for Obama? Why? That’s all I want to know. Just give me a legitimate reason that has nothing to do with the fact that they are from opposite political parties. Because if this is based on political party then this argument and those perpetuating it are guilty of what they are so worried about which is that the speech is somehow partisan rehetoric. Which was silly to think but ridiculous once you read the content of the speech.

    This furor, this hubub is just more small minded bickering from people who refuse to open their minds to ideas that are different from their own. One has to wonder where the world would be if people had refused to listen to the ideas of people like Einstein and Edison because they belonged to the wrong political party.  

     Perspective people. The content of the speech is nothing that didn’t need to be said, hasn’t been said in a host of ways by a host of different people of every political walk of life. We need to get a grip over the tide of irrational speech from extremists on both sides of the aisle.

      I certainly think this is a good time to start.


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