The Waiting Game

I submit. I wait. I submit. I wait. It appears that I spend a tiny amount of time sending it out and then this huge amount of time waiting for it to come back. I love it when I get a fast response but then I think well, they didn’t like it at all or didn’t bother to read it and how insulting is that? My favorite is the medium turn around because it’s a shorter wait but you know they at the least gave it some consideration. These also tend to come back with personal responses. That’s always a plus. Currently, I have work out there in cyber space waiting, and I know that I should move on. I definitely need to sumbit more things.  Yet, I don’t. I wait, as if by some magic of fate, all of my work that’s out will come sailing back. The reality is it will dribble back in and in the meantime, I have to submit or the stream will end. So instead of blogging, I’ll get back on my submissions.


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