Shh! Listen…your inner writer is talking to you!

When I’m writing, there are all these voices vying for my attention. The creative, the critical, and the intuitive writer all clamoring for me. My professors constantly reminded me to listen to my “inner writer”, and I remember wondering which one of those should have the upper hand at any given moment. Okay, it’s easy to know I need the creative writer when I’m crafting a new story, and I need the critical for editing that story once it’s been drafted. Where does the intuitive fit in then? This was part of my learning curve in the MFA program. Eventually, it all made sense. The intuitive writer is the voice that bridges the gap between the creative and critical voices. When must the creative voice override the critical and vice-versa, and how does the writer know to allow it? That’s when the intuitive writer comes into play.

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