Oklahoma City or Bust

At the end of an incredibly trying year – most of which is due to the transitioning of my job from the junior high to the high school – we elected as a writer’s group to attend the OWFI conference here. The end of a school year is a bad time for a teacher to work up the energy to be enthusiastic about anything. Then, a trek south marred by construction which took us down to one lane and made the trip an hour and a half longer plus bucking a horrid Oklahoma wind sapped all remaining strength and energy. No point in going into details but things continued to go downhill. I found my energy at an all time low. Then, one of my writer’s group pitched her book and the agent wanted to see it. We had reason to celebrate and I found a reason to feel good.

It’s amazing how celebrating someone else’s good news made my day brighter. I’m still tired beyond measure but now, I know it was worth it. Tasha has a win. And that is what it’s all about for us. Celebrating the wins together, and helping each other back up when we’re down. It doesn’t get much better than that. No writer should ever go down this path alone. Not when they can go through it with other writers, other people who understand.

It’s a decision we made ten years ago and never regretted. Here’s to another ten years with tears and laughter, and wins. Lots and lots of wins.


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  1. Aw, schucks Dawn. Thanks and back at ya!

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