The Long Journey

I finished the rewrites of my young adult novel, the first post MFA. My mindset has changed since the lessons of the program. For one thing, rewriting and revision are much harder work now that I actually know what that means. I’ve moved beyond moving punctuation around and fixing spelling errors and finding plot holes. As an English teacher I had a good idea what revision involved. It was really a far cry from what it means to a writer and especially a writer of fiction.

So, with this new knowledge in my crowded brain, I sat down with my novel intent on making it the best it could be before sending it off to the editor-Kate Angelella- at Simon and Schuster. Bottom line, the novel I had spent all this time “perfecting” was so horribly not perfect. With a deadline dwindling away, I closeted myself with a hard copy and a purple pen and went to work. I have it ready to send to Kate and I’m feeling good about what I accomplished. Is it perfect? No. My work is never perfect in my eyes. Ask most writers and they would like to go back and edit and edit some more. Stories I’ve sold since I left the program, I turned around and edited AFTER I sold them. I’m never satisfied. However, I am satisfied that I did as much as I could this time around. We’ll see if it’s enough to gain attention.


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  1. ginaklein

    I am with you on the rewrites. I’m currently working on rewriting my adult novel into a young-adult novel. It’s a lot of work! Good luck with yours, Dawn. 🙂

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