Taking Out the Trash

Writers have an option most people don’t have. When people anger or frustrate us, we put pen to pad and take our frustrations out in the written word. It’s cheaper than therapy and safer than seeking vengeance which we all know is a bad plan all the way around. But in fiction things that can’t or won’t happen in the real world can be arranged carefully to manifest that perfect “eat leftovers for breakfast every morning” revenge. So, after watching a friend suffer a surprise divorce, my brother experience a long overdue but ugly one, and my sister-in-law get drug through hell at the hands of a man she should never have married, I decided it was time to write a story where the “bad” guy didn’t seem to win. A story where someone who dumped a spouse after 20 years of marriage didn’t waltz away scot-free.

Instead of rolling around in bitterness which was so easy to do, I put it into print. The story took on a life of its own but when it was complete, it was as if the anger and frustration had ebbed away. As I say, cheaper than therapy. And in this case, the story even found a home in an anthology to be released in 2010. In the end, that’s really the best revenge.

“Taking Out the Trash”


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