Reading List

During the school year most of my reading is related to what my students are reading. This means books accumulate in my reading nook like rabbits in my garden. When summer arrives, I dedicate the bulk of my time to writing but reading is high on my enjoyment list. So, I read and read, going through a lot of material. I read a lot of Young Adult because I write it more than adult. However, my guilty pleasure has always been adult mysteries, thrillers, suspense and even the occasional political thriller. I gather these book throughout the year knowing I won’t get around to reading them until summer. The end result is this birthday-like joy when I come across a book I don’t remember buying but am excited to read.

Today was such a day. It was a bit like finding money on the street. The book, an anthology, was edited by Tony Hillerman who is no longer with us so there was a sense of poignancy to the discovery. Now, it’s just me and my reading corner, and a great book of stories.

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