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Natasha posed this question:

Where do you write? Is it quiet? Do you like to listen to music? Do write at home or away? What gets you in the mood?

My bedroom has a bay window, lots of sunlight and privacy. It also has a Victorian chair and ottoman. My treadmill is close by in case I need to pound out frustration. Also, close at hand are my writing books. The ones I use most frequently at any rate. I teach, consequently, I’m used to noise. What I’ve discovered over the years is that I need some noise when I write. What works best is to suit the noise to what I’m writing. Rock and rap work well for my YA pieces but I use more easy listening or pop for adult pieces. If I’m writing a piece with a slow tempo, I put on jazz or the blues. Classical music with a dramatic flair spurs the writing of a suspenseful scene. Matching the music to a character helps me to stay in a character’s head. One of my characters is a huge Patsy Cline fan. When I hear her music, Ramie begins to talk in my head.

If I’m having difficulty getting in the zone, it is helpful to get away from the house. I’ve gone to the mall and watched people or the boats and checked out the behavior of those who gambled and the people who work at the casinos. Studying people will bring characters to life for me faster than reading a book, watching a movie, or a host of other pastimes. Of course, when I’m creatively blocked, any suggestion is a good one.

Check out Marsha’s blog for her suggestions.


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3 responses to “Blog Chain – Write Space

  1. Oh, a bay window. Sounds fantastic!!!! And the tone of music can definitely make or break a scene, LOL!

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