Hooked, Again

By Les Edgerton

End of the quarter is behind me, and I’m back to Les’ book, Hooked. I’ve been struggling with the rewrites of my young adult novel, On the Run. I’m confident I’ve started it in the right place (in the middle of the action). I’ve gotten good feed back on that. However, Les said something that I think may be part of my tweaking of this early part of my book. “When the opening scene ends (in disaster), the sequel begins with the character’s emotional reaction, going from that emotion to the intellectual portion of the mind, where a new action is formulated. A new scene begins as soon as the character begins to implement that action” (Edgerton 19).

Epiphany! Ginny, my protagonist, definitely has the emotional reaction – although, I think I can do that better also – but I don’t have her formulate a plan of action. She needs to do that before I place the next obstacle in her path. I’ve been stymied with my rewrites for about six weeks. I’ve blamed it on workload, family crises, and a host of other things. Deep down I knew I just needed to reload. That’s why I picked up this book which I’d read a lot about. It’s exciting to have it paying off this quickly into revising my key opening scene.



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4 responses to “Hooked, Again

  1. Thank you so much for the shout-out of my little blue book, Hooked. I really appreciate and it makes me happy that it’s helped in your own writer’s journey, Dawn.

    BTW, if you get a chance, take a peek at my recent post on my blog at http://www.lesedgertononwriting.blogspot.com/ about a proposal my agent will be sending out soon for a new writer’s book. I can really use your help as you’ll see.

    Also, if you don’t have it yet, I’d highly recommend Jack Bickham’s book, Scene and Structure, for a really good discussion about scene and sequel–it’s where I got a lot of the info on sequel and how it works in partnership with scene.

    Thanks, again!

  2. Glad to see you’re working on Ginny again. I love her!

  3. OMG, I was beginning to think I was the only one who read books on writing fiction and wrote YA or MG. I have read Les’s book numerous times, and I read it over and over until I wrote the opening with all the backstory in one line. The opening paragraph is 3 lines. But all the backstory is in one.. I sure hope I did it right. Good luck with your rewrite.

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