Noir and Les Edgerton: Check it Out!

I’m a huge fan of noir and have been most of my life. My adult novel, The Drought of Sam Dakota, skews noir even though I hadn’t intended it. So for other fans of this niche genre, I have news for you. Anyone following Les knows that he is white hot right now. Here’s one piece of good news coming from the Edge’s camp. Check it out.

Noir Nation: International Journal of Crime


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2 responses to “Noir and Les Edgerton: Check it Out!

  1. Thank you so much for the shout-out, Dawn. You are simply one of the most generous of spirits to your fellow writers. I know you know noir–your life, of late anyway, has been nothing but noirish!

    It’s a truism that the people at the top of their game are the most giving to others. This describes you perfectly.

    • dawnall

      Thanks, Les. I’m a writer who’s a fan. BTW, your short story book is on back order. Which irritated me because I read the sample and was in the middle of a good story and now I’m holding…

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