One Stop Shopping

Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you I defy the female stereotype. I HATE shopping. I’ll schedule doctor and dental visits to avoid shopping trips. Because of this I have made an art of efficiency with shopping just so I have to do it less.

Research can be a little like shopping. It can take over your writing time and before you know it you’ve lost hours to the internet. This site might help with that. It’s a one stop shopping trip for writer’s. This blogger has put together blogs on just about every topic you could possibly want. So, check it out. Maybe the time you save will allow you a little shopping  trip of your own. If you’re so inclined, that is. 🙂



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8 responses to “One Stop Shopping

  1. amazing list – thanks for the link – I to hate shopping , love research but this list will now leave me time for other research!!!!!

  2. dawnall

    I thought so too. I’m thrilled to find another non-shopper. 🙂

  3. heading over to check it out now. thanks.

  4. What a wonderful list. Thanks for the link.

  5. Hey Dawn, I’m in your suspense/thriller campaign group. I was stopping by to say “hi” and this shopping post caught my eye. I am also a girl who HATES to shop, much to the disappointment of my mom who had to drag me out when I was young. Even now I will wear clothes horribly out of date rather than go to the store for something new.

    • dawnall

      Here’s to daughters who disappointed their mothers! 🙂 I would much rather be home watching the football game than in a store shopping. Ick. Glad to meet a fellow shopping-hater.

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