Writer’s Bucket List

In the September issue of Writer’s Digest is an article on the writer’s bucket list. While we share certain goals, each writer’s bucket list would have some variation to it. Even within my tightly knit writer’s group, there would be some differences. After reading the article, I decided I’d figure out what would be on my list so I can see how many items on my list are done.

1. My goal was always to write a novel. I love reading them and I wanted to do that, write books and tell stories. I’ve now written five so this item on the bucket list is accomplished. Yeah!

2. Publish something, anything. I have published several times. However, for a novelist to only sell her short fiction is to say she isn’t published. Sigh.  I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, but I’m so far from done, this doesn’t feel like an item I can declare.

3. Master the short form. It took going to grad school to finally write a short story without it turning into a novel every time. Forty thousand dollars later, I can not only write a short story but sell one. I can definitely declare this one.

4. Book signings. I have both feared and longed for these. I have actually gotten to do this for an anthology I was a part of, and it was a lot of fun. However, there were all of us there together. Not a lone writer in a book store hoping someone shows up. Nope, this one isn’t done quite yet, either.

5. Maybe it’s my theater background; maybe it’s my love of film, but I have always had a dream (okay, fantasy) of seeing one of my books on the big screen. My YA novel is a high concept so it could happen…

What about you? What is your writer’s bucket list like?


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14 responses to “Writer’s Bucket List

  1. Don’t let anyone tell you short stories are easy. They’re as challenging in their own way as much longer pieces.

    • dawnall

      No, they aren’t. In fact, they are much harder. For me anyway. Having to tell a complete and satisfying tale in 20 pages versus 200? Man, I know which I find easier. However, I did buckle down and learn to do it, and I think my novel writing improved as the result of what I learned.

  2. Paula Ehrhardt

    I’ll be that someone that shows up at your book signing:) And I’ll be the first one on line to watch your movie on the big screen. Good luck, Mrs. Allen!!

  3. Hi Dawn, I’m a new Campaigner and wanted to stop by to introduce myself. We’re in the same adult fiction group. Nice to meet you!

  4. Nice to meet you I’m a fellow campaigner this time around. I like the idea of writing bucket list. I have a general bucket list I’ve started, but maybe it would be good to have a writing-specific one! =) Look forward to following you!

    • dawnall

      I should probably do a bucket list for the rest of my life. I started right in on writing. Maybe I’ll go do that. 🙂

  5. I cannot write short stories. I’ve written plays, poems and three novels (nope not picked up yet!) but short stories – GAAAAAA! And you know what? I don’t really like reading them either so…
    Happy to meet you – I’m a fellow campaigner making my way through my group.
    My bucket list:
    1. Get novel published.
    2. Get another novel published.
    3. Get yet another novel published.
    4. Repeat ad nauseum – well I’d like about 7 done before I leave this mortal coil.
    Jan Morrison

    • dawnall

      I couldn’t either. I’d tried but they always became novels. I find the short form much more challenging. However, the MFA program did it for me. I learned to write the short form there.
      Good to meet you, too!

  6. Hello from a fellow campaigner in the thriller/suspense group. I have some of those same dreams… especially to see one of my stories on the big screen!! I’d love that.

  7. Su

    I’d just like to finish something! Then I’ll see where I go from there. 🙂 Stopping by from the campaign!

  8. I have no idea. I’m still in the reactive stage, where I’m doing what must be done rather than planning ahead. I wrote my novel, then had to promote it, which meant a blog and website and twitter… You get the idea. When the ‘reactive’ slows down, I’ll start on my goals.

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