I’ll make this quick. I’m already behind because Thursday I was dead in the water. My son had surgery this week and because of an expected storm front (which never materialized) I couldn’t drive down to OKC. He’s grown (24), but it drove me nuts that I couldn’t be there. We’re talking cried. And even though I kept telling myself to get over it and sit down and write, I couldn’t. So, last night my writer’s group was over, and we NaNo’d into the night. I even added another chapter after they left. Still, I’m not caught up with myself yet. I’ll get there…right?

Argh! Good news is my son came through surgery and immediately thought of food. Since he hasn’t wanted much for months, we’re excited that maybe the surgery has taken care of the problem that has plagued him. Now, he needs to gain back his weight.

And Mom needs to get back on the NaNo train….



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3 responses to “NaNoWriMo

  1. Stress is tough on the muse.

  2. dawnall

    Yeah. It is.

  3. You will get there, just stay positive. Eventually it will all come out in time. 🙂

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