The Power of Words

       All writers understand the power of the written word. We’re even intimidated by it at times which explains the “myth” of writer’s block. Advertisers are aware of the power of few words. Speech writers are aware of the power of certain words. Technical writers are aware of the importance of jargon and keeping it within the industry. Heck even parents are aware of the power of proper nouns, especially when used in threes. “Dawn Frances Davis” was never a good indicator.I didn’t hear it often but when I did, I knew it wasn’t good news for me.

     All writers should pay attention to the power of each word. This isn’t limited to speech writers or advertisers or technical writers. I can’t tell you the number of novels I’ve read since grad school that I wanted to take a knife to. They were great stories. They were just too long. Often wonderful language and messages were buried in overwrought sentence structure or armies of prepositional phrases. The power that existed there but would never be unleashed is heartbreaking. A lean writer, one who selects each word carefully and with consideration, is a rarity. The following link is to a video that illustrates this point beautifully. Enjoy! 

  The Power of Words

What tools do you use to ensure that your words serve the best purpose for your prose?



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3 responses to “The Power of Words

  1. Enjoyed the video – the message came over well. I edit, edit, edit. And read. The good thing about blogging is that you can go back to a post and change it, if you decide it’s needed – I do that too.

  2. Tag, you’re it! You’ve been tagged in a game of 11 Questions being passed around by the Platform-Building campaigners. You can pick up your questions at this link:

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