Dear Editor Revision Week

There are a host of opportunities out there for writers, but there are only so many hours in the day. Not even looking at the demands of family or home or jobs, writers need to write but we also need to network in social media but we also need to market our work but we also need to submit our work but we need to write and that vicious cycle is never-ending for us. Somewhere in there we’re always wanting the time to find those extra opportunities. Contests, for instance. Therefore, given that we’re a community and we need to support each other in this unending cycle, here’s a link to a week-long opportunity over at

If you don’t subscribe already, you should. She offers valuable information for writers and wonderful opportunities. Check this one out. This week will be a cast of wonderful writers talking about the art of revision, AND there is an opportunity each day to win a partial edit of your manuscript AND an opportunity at the end of the week to win a full.

H-e-l-l-o? Are you still here? Head over there and check it out!



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4 responses to “Dear Editor Revision Week

  1. I’ve seen that contest, and haven’t had time to enter! But then again, I would feel guilty getting a critique since I already have an agent. I’m stepping back to give someone else a chance (well, plus I’m busy). I definitely hear you on the busy-ness and demands of life and living!

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