Post Conference High

There is nothing like a writer’s conference to give a writer a natural high. Spending time with writers and agents in an arena where it’s all right to discuss nothing but writing and writing related things is as good as it gets for us. I don’t have to defend my interest in a random person in a restaurant. My fascination with the way someone walks or the conversation at the table next to us (as interesting to me as the one at my own) is acceptable to everyone else in the conference world. They get it. I don’t get weird looks. No one calls men in white coats to bring jackets or nurses with medication to make me catatonic. My particular weirdness lets me fit in with everyone else. Phew!

OWFI is an awesome conference which is why we attend every year. It offers so many opportunities to attendees. The contests, the presenters, the agents, editors, publishers, authors, and the importance of opportunities to pitch to those publishing officials cannot be underestimated. This conference is a win for Novel Clique every year. This year was a blast. We enjoyed time with agents; Louise Fury, Jessica Sinsheimer, and Emmanuelle Morgen, at a buzz session on Friday night. We were also lucky enough to pitch to these ladies who made that nerve-wracking experience so easy and pleasant. It was an excellent adventure that I recommend to every writer truly seeking publication.

What conferences do you attend? What is it about them that gets your writer’s juices flowing?



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3 responses to “Post Conference High

  1. I’m glad you had a great time! I know what you mean about talking about writing and things related with like-minded people. I love that about a conference. I am excited to be going to a conference next week/end!!! on the 19th. It’s the Oregon SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) annual spring conference. Agent Jill Corcoran will be there, as well as editors Andrew Karre of Carolrhoda Books, Melissa Manlove of Chronicle, and Leila Sales of Viking. Can’t wait to hear them speak! I won’t be pitching or anything though, since I already have my agent. 🙂

    • dawnall

      SCBWI has awesome conferences! I’m sure you’ll have a great time. Glad your pitching to agents time is behind you. 🙂

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