The Next Phase

It’s been a rough couple of years culminating in my husband, and I following through on the dream of “retiring” to our ranch in the southern part of the state. Our boys are in Oklahoma so the move will put us closer to them, but I’m leaving my parents, the home we raised the boys in, and my best friends – my writer’s group. It’s an emotional time. It’s also exhausting. While we aren’t really retiring (too young), we are excited about the changes coming. I think we may be more excited when we stop hurting from the weeks of packing and moving. We’ll be in limbo for a while as we’re renovating the home we’re moving into so we’ll be nomads for a while. As such, my posts will be sporadic at best as I am able to find a connection “at the ends of the earth” as my mom puts it.

Hope you are writing and managing to use your craft to stay cool this summer.



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2 responses to “The Next Phase

  1. Even with the mixed feelings, it’s still an exciting time. Best of luck with the move!

    • dawnall

      It is exciting. We’re horribly tired so the exciting part will be more enjoyable after some rest. 🙂

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