Liebster Blog Award

Sweet Natasha Hanova greeted me with this award this morning and questions she knew would send my exercise rattled brain off. Thanks, Natasha! P.S. She has a YA Novel coming out in June…you need to read it. The Edge of Truth – Buy it!

Liebster Rules are:

1. Answer the questions posed

2. Think of 11 questions of your own.

3. Choose 11 worthy bloggers(who have fewer than 200 followers) to interrogate and pay it forward.

Natasha’s questions

  1. What did you have for lunch yesterday? Please, at my age I don’t remember what I had for breakfast. Did I have breakfast?
  2. Who was your favorite band/musician in high school? Journey or REO or CCR or…I had trouble making up my mind even then.
  3. Are you willing to admit you sing in the shower and if so, what song do you sing most? God made me a writer after hearing me sing in Heaven. Enough said. No singing from this woman. EVER.
  4. What is the kindest thing you did today? I didn’t do number 3?
  5. Do you believe in soul mates? I do. Not just in a romantic sense. I believe we have certain people that we are just drawn to soul to soul as if we’ve known them forever.
  6. Name one thing you could never (or have a difficult time) forgiving someone for? I wish. I forgive so easily. I’d like to hold a grudge just once. I am incapable. We’d have to move up to capital crimes. Pedophiles? Not forgivable.
  7. Do you like to cook? LOL. Natasha, you’re so funny.
  8. Flintstones or Jetsons? My YA is sci-fi…Jetsons all the way!
  9. Favorite kind(s) of paranormal creature(s)? Not my genre…maybe angels?
  10. Do you reply to people who comment on your blog? Always. I love to talk to other writers. They get me. My family thinks I’m weird. Which may be true now that I think about it…
  11. What makes you smile? My kids, my husband, my friends, my horses. My characters make me smile and laugh. Often.

I get to pick 11 worthy bloggers but first, your questions!

1. In the future, resources are limited. You must choose between chocolate or wine. Which do you choose?

2. Favorite genre to read besides the one you write?

3. That infernal deserted island everyone asks about…do you want the male model with you to pack boxers or briefs?

4. Favorite form of exercise?

5. Does your main character listen to hard rock, symphony, country or some other form of music?

6. How bad ass is your hero/heroine? What comic hero could yours best? (Spiderman, Wonder Woman, etc.)

7. You’ve won the Pulitzer Prize. What’s the first line of your speech?

8. Your antagonist is on death row. What does he request as his last meal?

9. Your favorite pet? (cat, dog, bird, etc.)

10. Cold weather or hot?

11. Favorite food group?

The bloggers I’ve selected:

Amanda L. Webster

Rhiann Wynn-Nolet


Katherine Amabel

Rebecca Enzor

Hildred Billings

Virginia  (See her answers here)


Andria Parker

Alice M. Fleury

Summer Heacock



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4 responses to “Liebster Blog Award

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  2. Oooh! Great questions Dawn. Especially like #3. Thanks for participating.

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