No, Not Armageddon

It’s not the apocalypse either. I missed my post yesterday because it’s the end of the semester, and I’m buried in grading papers and finals. Sigh. I’m also trying to stay on top of requested edits of The G.A.P. Project. I’m hoping you’ll forgive me and to assist with that: crazywriter

It’s how I feel, and I’m sure many of you share this emotion. How do you cope when it suddenly all becomes too much?


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4 responses to “No, Not Armageddon

  1. I’m also feeling the ‘haven’t-posted-in-a-while’ guilt – I’ve been sick with tonsillitis, so I’ve fallen very behind in writing news, and it’s really frustrating not to be on top of things. What works for me is telling myself that it’ll all be there whenever I get around to it.

    I hope you get through grading those papers soon, looking forward to reading more posts!

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