Flat Tires, Lost Keys, and Broken Arms

The last couple of years it has felt like my blog has become a Greek tragedy. For someone whose life can sedate background checkers, suddenly Shakespeare could cover it in three acts. This year I failed to get a flu shot for the first time in twelve years. Cautionary tale, this one. I got the flu. I will NOT forego it next year. I was still fighting the effects, when my husband went east and the horse went west. Hubby landed on an iron fence. The railing was quite unforgiving as you can imagine. His helmet left a contusion on his forehead but protected his brain. His arm was not so lucky. Three compound fractures, and I’m not sure shatter does justice to what it did to his wrist. He lost bone and may face a bone graft later on.

The flu had me incredibly far behind, and now I’m practicing my nursing skills. Which I’ll admit are limited. After nursing duties this morning, I realized that this was my blog morning. A week back and forth to the hospital caused me to lose all track of time. Usually, it would already be written and ready to go up this morning. Alas, it wasn’t. However, my Greek tragic life did provide a thought.

When I’m writing, my characters experience big events because CONFLICT is the thing. However, they are also “people” and as such experience the silly everyday pains we all do, lost keys, flat tires, the flu, etc. I guess, I’m putting my characters on warning. I see a flooding dishwasher or speeding ticket or case of the flu in their futures.

What kind of everyday mischief do you bring into your character’s lives?



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4 responses to “Flat Tires, Lost Keys, and Broken Arms

  1. Wow, that sucks!!! So sorry you’ve had a crappy time of it!

    I must admit, I rarely give my characters “normal” problems. They usually face their demons (literally) in pretty decent health, unless I want to be really mean and pile on the crap. Of course, when you write fantasy there has to be a reason, ie, some really big thing coming, whereby some “normal” issue is going to be extra triply awkward. I should really bear it in mind, though…

    • It’s life. It dumps all at once and then leaves you alone for a while. I just thought it was funny how much like a Greek tragedy my life has become. Lordy.

  2. Oh, NO, poor you with the flu, and your poor hubby! Ouch. Wishes sent for fast arm healing. Sounds like your life will definitely inspire your writing!

    • Thanks! I have garnered enough material for stories to keep me busy for the duration. I have a list of story ideas I fear I’ll never find time to get to. I’m ready to stop ‘researching’ and do the actual writing. 🙂

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