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Storm feeding

Storm feeding

Okay, so I’m having a rocky start to the new year. Accidents, snow storms, computer meltdowns, and interruptions of every variety have sent my ‘year of organization’ right down the tube. I am still giving it my best shot but realized today as I sat at my hubby’s physical therapy session that when I ‘organized’, I skipped a week on my blog calendar. This week. Hmm. No topic planned. That’s my topic.

Blog topics are a dilemma for most writers. I’ve learned a couple of things about this particular stress inducer.

  1. Plan ahead: This organization thing has really reduced my stress. However, I realize now that I need an editor since I left off a week.
  2. Read Blogs: Seriously, other writer’s blogs will inspire your passions, your angst, or at least your interest in topics that apply to your writing.
  3. Feed the writer: This is important. The inner writer is creative and requires constant feeding. This means reading fiction in the genre(s) you write. It means putting that computer aside and playing a game or games. Board games or outdoor games or even computer or android games can work. I have mystery games on my Kindle which keep me thinking like a mystery writer. (I can rationalize almost anything)
  4. Sleep: I’m a big advocate of naps. Write for four hours and sleep for no more than 90 minutes. You’ll wake a new person and get in a fresh set of pages.
  5. EXERCISE: I can’t advocate this enough. It’s not just about weight or health. It’s about keeping your mental acuity and sending the endorphins through your system which allow the artist in you to soar.

Of course, we could also just feed each other blog topics. Feel free to start here…in the comments. 🙂

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