The Inner Sanctum, The Irish Moors, or the Fiery Realm of Hell

Let’s just get this out of the way at the get go. I am a COWARD. One of the many reasons I write is so my characters can do all the things I’m terrified to try. Of course, then I also have fears within my writing. Specifically, settings that I avoid at all costs. Some out of laziness – too much research involved, some out of economics – too much money involved, and some out of pure ol’ FEAR. There are three specific settings I’ve considered using over the years. Two of them I have just never had a plot that worked for, one of them it is just a case of being flat-out terrified to attempt it. I was young, I read book after book set on the Irish Moors. I dreamed of the place nearly every night, could almost smell the air in my sleep. It was my favorite fiction setting. Unfortunately, none of my plots or characters have ever worked for it. Sigh.

Another favorite of mine growing up was mythology. The tale of the unfortunate goddess who reigned over the seasons (Demeter) whose daughter (Persephone) was kidnapped by the evil Lord of the Underworld, Hades, provided the Greeks with an explanation for the seasons. While Persephone reigned in the Underworld, Persephone mourned and during those months, everything withered and died. (Fall and winter) Life returned, grasses growing and flowers blooming when Persephone returned to her mother. (Spring and summer) Unfortunately, much as I love the idea of a story set in hell, I don’t have a plot or characters for it either.

The inner sanctum, on the other hand, has characters and a plot waiting. I want to write this story so bad. Unfortunately, I don’t have the knowledge, and the research is daunting. I’m not sure where to begin and frankly, fear of what I might encounter in the process causes me to balk. (What you don’t know, won’t hurt you…) Much as I want to write my POTUS story, much as I want to set my plot around the most famous address in our country, much as I love the idea of secret service and politicians (what more natural conflict could you ask for?), this COWARD has been unable to muster the mettle for it. Sigh.


Is there a setting that intrigues and intimidates you?

Check out what my CP’s have to say about intimidating settings.

Natasha Hanova      Leatrice McKinney


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4 responses to “The Inner Sanctum, The Irish Moors, or the Fiery Realm of Hell

  1. Why not make the inner sanctum fictional. Set on a planet, or some remote island. You could make up the layout of the building and it would be believable as a place with little details scattered through the story.

  2. Ah, Alice…you rock. 🙂

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