What’s Up, Wednesday?

ButtonSmallNoBorderFirst things first, today is my day to blog at NovelCliquePress. Hop on over, and check out: Redemption, Inception, and a Vet named Kowalski, a post on pacing in film. 🙂

What am I reading? (Yes, I’m avoiding writing for the moment) I’m reading One Breath Away by Heather Gudenkauf. It’s kept me hooked although after Sandy Hook it is a difficult topic. She handles it with a degree of delicacy so most readers would enjoy.

Now, about last week’s goal on the Ready. Set. Write Challenge

This week I put together an ebook for Novel Clique (I’m really excited about this). I did not finish my revisions. I bought a house (after nine months without one). I did not finish my revisions. I spent time with my boys and hubby on the ranch doing what we all love. I did not finish my revisions. I put together one track for the OWFI conference in 2014 with Christine Denise Smith-Jarmola (Seriously, this conference is going to be AMAZING). I did not finish my revisions. I attended a memorial service for my husband’s mentor and visited my folks in Kansas City. I did not finish…I think you get the point. And really, I have to stop letting life stop me. First week out of the gate, and I didn’t meet my goal.






Goal for next week: Three intensive chapter rewrites I didn’t accomplish this week.




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12 responses to “What’s Up, Wednesday?

  1. Alison Miller

    I KNOW I will have weeks where I don’t meet my goal, so NO worries. The key is to just keep swimming (sorry, too much NEMO with the kids). I hope you have a wonderful writing week!

  2. No worries about not hitting your goals. It sounds like you were super busy. Hope this upcoming week gives you time to achieve your aims 🙂

  3. Rae

    Congratulations on buying a house! The writing may have not been happening, but it sounds like a lot of real-life things were. I hope you get a chance to get your revisions in this week!

  4. Sometimes life comes first. Don’t beat yourself up and try again this week. Have a great week writing!

  5. Can relate! You can do it! Rewrite those chapters!

  6. YOU CAN DO IT ::D 😀 😀 We´re all there cheering you on! And take it one revised sentence at a time…

    • Thanks! Really frustrated. Way too many interruptions on my time right now. Nothing a writer hates more than other people interfering on writing time.

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