What’s Up Wednesday

ButtonSmallNoBorderWhat’s Up Wednesday is a weekly meme, started by Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk, which helps readers and writers touch base with blog friends to let them know what’s up. Join in by visiting their blogs and signing in on the widget.

What I’m Writing: The YA had my full attention this week and I made good but not great progress. This means six chapters revised successfully. I also spent time on the series bible which was fun and productive. I am on target to finish this thing by the goal date.

What I’m Reading: I finished The King by Steven James. As with all his books, I loved it. As for my desire to see the death of Richard Basque, it didn’t happen, exactly. He supposedly drowned but the body wasn’t found which we all know means he’ll return. Oh, well. I’m now reading The Beginning of After by Jennifer Castle.

ready set write buttonStatus Update: My goal was 5 more chapters and I actually got six so it was a good week. It’s progress and I’ll take it. 🙂

For this week, July 24-31, I accept that life is beyond my control. I am hoping for 8-10 chapters but my goal is another 6.

Good luck to all the writers setting goals for Ready. Set. WRITE! this week. Twitter hashtag #readysetwrite.

What are your writing goals this week?


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