Artist’s Curse

InsecureWritersSupportGroup  All artists suffer from insecurity. I don’t pretend to understand it. You don’t see engineers plagued by it or doctors or bail bondsmen. It just curses those in the arts. We are so creative that we even find new and innovative ways to feel insecure. It alleviates the boredom I suppose.

I’m at a crossroads, a time for hard decisions about moving forward. It seems like insecurity is even worse during these times. I’ll second guess myself six ways from Sunday before it’s all said and done (how’s that for two clichés in a row?). Sometimes these crossroads serve a positive purpose, and it’s our own human insecurities that make the path appear wrought with danger.

Writers face rejection so consistently that facing the insecurity of a crossroads almost seems like a relief because this is at least something I control. I can’t control the rejections, the bad reviews, the crappy writing days, but I control the decisions I make. Regardless of how it turns out, as long as I make the decision with the best interests of my writing in mind, I can consider it a win.

How do you face hard decisions?

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