Fear the Inner Critic

InnerCriticThis week Novel Clique posed the question:

What do writers fear?

I can honestly say my fears are endless. Rejection? Definitely. Failure? Every second. Fears are like a bag of weights I carry around with me. However, most of them I handle for the most part. Except for one that bedevils me at every turn: the inner critic. Perhaps it’s because we are hardest on ourselves. Maybe it’s because what I hear sounds way too true. Whatever the reason, I listen to everything my inner critic says regardless of whether she’s right or wrong. This is a common mistake. There are times when I know my critic is wrong. It’s a gut thing. And yet I will still assume she’s right and try to follow her judgment. When I do, the writing doesn’t work, and I’m frustrated. The inner critic serves a purpose, but the writer has to know when to shut the critic down. Never let fear keep you from doing that. I got there. Slowly. One critic kicking moment at a time.

What are your writing fears? Also, check out Tasha‘s and Leatrice‘s.

While you’re making this list, come up with a few fictional fears (vampires, zombies, the dark, etc.) for next week’s question of the week.



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5 responses to “Fear the Inner Critic

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  2. I think my biggest fear is that someone won’t like what I write. I’m a people pleaser. Bottom line…not everybody likes everything. And I just need to deal with that.

    In terms of the inner critic, we are hardest on ourselves. Some of the things we say to ourselves we would never say to our friends.

  3. I’d say my biggest fear is that my writing won’t live up to the expectations of others. I worry that every writer is a better writer than me and my writing will get lost in the sea of talented writers. It’s an unrealistic fear, I know, but a legitimate fear nonetheless.

  4. Isn’t that the truth? We’ll be downright cruel in what we say to ourselves.

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