All Fall Down

AllFallDown  Julie Coulter Bellon was a new discovery for me thanks to the Indie-Credible Author Celebration. Getting to know her has been a delight. Not only is she a gifted writer but she is a wonderful human being. I’ve enjoyed talking to her and getting to know her. Now that I’ve read All Fall Down, I look forward to reading the rest of this series and her other books.

I’ll be careful because when I enjoy a book I accidentally give away too much and that can ruin it for any potential reader so I promise no spoilers.

One of the neat things for me with All Fall Down is that I’d never read a book about a hostage negotiator. This gives the book a unique angle. Claire, the hostage negotiator, meets Rafe, a Navy Seal, when he’s being held hostage by a friend he served with in Afghanistan. Julie starts in the middle of crisis so the reader is immediately engaged. She keeps that tension ramped up throughout the book but continuing to add complications each time the reader begins to relax. I love that. It keeps the reader not knowing when the next bomb is going to drop.

Julie’s book takes us across the world as we follow Rafe and Claire in their search for his brother who is now the hostage of a man seeking vengeance. Further complicating things, her family relationships – a dad with intimacy issues and a brother acting out his frustrations with a dad who is still not dealing with the death of his other son. Her attraction to Rafe may or may not put both of them at risk. She knows the dangers of getting close. Can Claire and Rafe find his brother and save the day? Will their relationship survive if they do? This is one of my favorite things about reading. All the questions I raise in my head as I read. 🙂

Read All Fall Down. Then read the next one, Ashes to Ashes. And in October the third will be out, Pocket Full of Posies. You have more than enough time to read the first two before that third comes out. Enjoy! I know I have.

I want to thank Julie for spending time with me (in cyberspace of course) and generously providing a basket of goodies to a lucky winner, as well as, a copy of her book, All Fall Down. She’s made a fan out of me.



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2 responses to “All Fall Down

  1. Thank you so much, Dawn! I’m thrilled you liked it, and even more excited to have met you. You are so sweet!

  2. Glad to do it! Thrilled to have a new writer in my list.

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