Thankful Thursday

This month I have determined to write every day regardless of what else comes up and so far it’s worked. I’ve had to accept that some days I write a lot and some days I don’t. It’s okay. As writers we’re terribly hard on ourselves. I know that I tend to see what going wrong before I see what’s going right. This month of allowing myself this grace has been nice. I realized that it’s time to stop being so hard on myself as a writer. This also made me think about my fellow writers. We’re all in this together and we struggle along our own paths, which sometimes intersect. Usually we’re all so busy we can’t take time to say to another writer, “How are things with you?” or “Thanks for that post on scene endings. I needed that.”

It’s not that we don’t think those things. It’s that writers are always struggling to find time in their days just for the essentials, writing, social media, querying, etc. And most writers work in order to put food on the table. We have families who love us and who we love and we devote hours of our day to them. While I have taken this time in October to write each day, I decided that I’d open my Thursdays between now and  Thanksgiving for writers to thank people for any of the wonderful things done for them. From something as simple as a kind word when you got a rejection to a piece of advice that led to a breakthrough, anything you’re grateful for.

I’ll start:

Thanks to my CP’s Natasha Hanova and Leatrice McKinney for the consistent and often enlightening input that keeps my characters and my stories progressing forward.

Thanks to Les Edgerton for being a great mentor to writers like me. Your advice and your knowledge make such a difference in our work.

Thanks to Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglish for their Emotion Thesaurus, a phenomenal tool in the writer’s toolkit, and for the Amazing Race which is a pay it forward for writers by writers.

It’s easy. Thank someone in the comments so we can pass it on throughout the next month and a half. Have a great weekend.


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6 responses to “Thankful Thursday

  1. Back at ya, Dawn. We do work together well. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Dawn. I’ll thank you because I always find something useful for writing in your blog!

  3. Great thought, Dawn. I’m grateful to you for reminding me to think about the things I’m grateful for, and to remember to be thankful! I’m also grateful to my editor for all of her help. I now have a finished manuscript, and I’m ready to try to sell it 🙂

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