Conference Fever

It’s so close. I have more and more details to finish up and as each thing gets taken care of, I relax a bit more. In fact, I’m daring to get excited instead of living with intense sensations of fear and anxiety. All the big things on my individual checklist are done, including the costume. This year we are having our first costume contest on Friday night. I’ll consider it a win if I manage the night without total humiliation. Costume – Check. Oil changed in my car, hotel room reserved, and clothing decisions made. Uh…two out of three isn’t bad. Check.


A conference brings out every type of writer insecurity, adding the stress of planning and being involved in next year’s leadership has reduced me to a simpering fool. I’ll survive. I’ve done this for so long that I have no choice. I know though as the time grows close that there are writers out there preparing for this conference with different fears and anxieties. Perhaps it’s the first time they’ve ever gone to a conference or the first time they’ve ever pitched to an agent or editor. The writer may (and the odds are quite good on this one) be shy and fearing the mingling a conference requires in order to network. With all of the worries in mind, a conference brings so many great opportunities for writers. In the current market, we have to take advantage of all opportunities we can afford and have access to.



If you haven’t taken in a conference this year, we have an awesome one coming up. Join us in Oklahoma City, OK. Fun will be had by all. I’ll post pictures for you here on the blog. Gulp…even in costume.


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