Wrap Up, Buckle Down, & Rev Up to Go Again

OWFIbadge  OWFI 2014 is over. With a huge sigh of relief that things went so incredibly well, and we all had an   amazing time. We wrapped up an outstanding three days on Saturday night, and everyone fought that “eager to get started writing” feeling with the “sad at leaving behind new and old friends” one.

As the new President, I didn’t really have time for a break. I held meetings with new board members before and during the conference and returned to become an Email Queen. I fear people will begin “blocking” my address. LOL. However, my time is limited as I’m also wrapping up the semester, and it was a rough one. Grades are due Tuesday, and I’m a Grading Fiend until everything is ready, and I hit done.

Once that happens? I rev up the engine and seriously begin work on OWFI 2015. Stay tuned here for announcements throughout the year. You can start by checking out our keynote speaker, Les Edgerton.

Recommended Reading:

Edgerton On Writing

Les Edgerton




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