Baton Blog Hop

I’m it! I’ve been tagged by author Natasha Hanova. The Baton Blog Hop is basically a game of tag for writers. The idea is to answer four questions about your writing, then tag another author to do the same.

But first, hop on back to learn a little more about Natasha Hanova, one of my critique partners. She is a talented writer and a really nice lady and phenomenal mom. Find her blog here.

Now for the questions…

What are you working on?

I’m currently busy with revisions of The Drought of Sam Dakota (working title), an adult thriller about a child advocate whose son goes missing. Sam is a noir style thriller exploring the trauma of missing kids through the eyes of a man who saves kids for a living but can’t save his own and the traumatized eyes of a detective who failed once and can’t recover.

So how does your work differ from every other book on the shelf in its genre?

I think each writer brings something unique to their books. I’m a lifelong educator, and it colors all of my writing. I saw a lot of abuse, neglect, good and bad parenting, or the results of these. That perspective tinges my thriller. The intricacies of family relationships, how and when they implode, and worse, that kids are the first casualty.

Why do you write what you write?

I touched on this before. I’m intrigued by family dynamics and kids. I have always had an edge to my writing, while not as dark as noir, it skirts the edge of issues, from neglect of the homeless to mental illness.

How does your writing process work?

Wow, I wish I had a process. Most of the time, I just sit and write. Sometimes it’s fresh writing and other times, it’s editing or revision. I usually focus on one novel at a time, but I do write short stories while working on novels. It gives me a break especially during times of editing and revision. My critique partners and I always set goals and that helps to keep me moving forward.

Thanks for tagging me, Natasha. I’m please you picked me for this hop. Now I’m tagging my former OWFI President, Christine Jarmola who blogs at Devotions from the Resident Heretic. CD Jarmola’s books can be found on Amazon. I know you’ll enjoy learning more about her.

Christine, you’re it!


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