Collected Works: Goals, Loki, and Chocolate.

LokiOkay, so it has nothing to do with goal setting…but he’s ALWAYS inspirational. LOL

The idea of Collected Works is to share our goals, encourage each other in those goals, and inspire each other when those goals go sideways. I’ve always been a believer in setting goals so this is a way to make me hold myself accountable for what I expect of myself. And I consider it a win. If I don’t meet my goals, chocolate soothes the disappointment. If I meet them, I celebrate with chocolate. Win-win. 🙂

If you’re interested in sharing in this, check our Collected Works.

August Goals

1. FINISH OWFI (Oklahoma Writer’s Federation, Inc.) Presenters communication – it doesn’t sound like writing because it’s not manuscripts but as President of OWFI, I’m responsible for setting up the conference in May. This is a priority for all of us who attend. (and you should, too!)

2. Send in full request to agent.

3. Finish rewrites of Sam Dakota. This is high priority for me as school starts up again soon and cuts my writing time in half.

Do you set goals? Join us!



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4 responses to “Collected Works: Goals, Loki, and Chocolate.

  1. I’m going to adopt your chocolate system! It really does seem perfect 🙂 Good luck with the rest of your goals. Especially OWFI. I enjoyed this past one so much and I’m looking forward to next year.

    • Thanks, Kathryn! I’m really jazzed about the agents that are coming and the speakers we have lined up so far. I’m going to update the President’s Blog this week with some info. I’ll probably paste a link from here also.

  2. Thanks for joining us, Dawn!

    Looking forward to hearing about your response to full. How far do you have to go on Sam Dakota?

    School is looming, alright! Most of my employees are going back so I’m not sure what I’m going to be doing with myself during the days at work. I wish I could write, but retail keeps all the good writers down!

    • Thanks! I’m on the third draft of Sam but this has involved heavy revision so it’s gone slower. I’m not quite to the halfway mark. 😦

      My boys both work retail so I hear you!

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