OWFI, New Puppy, and Curriculum

photoIt seems there is never time for my writing these days. We just had our September board meeting and highlighted the things being done in preparation for our next conference. The preliminary budget will require a bit of tweaking. Thus, it cuts into my writing time.

Since we lost our dog, Moses, I have wanted another pet. Luckily, my son’s dog had a litter, and I adopted the only boy. He’s a joy and delight, but I’d forgotten the work involved with a new one. Don’t mind it, but it has curtailed my freedom.

It’s another teaching year and new curriculum hurdles to soar over. So far I’m not soaring so much as tripping and falling on my face. Thank God, writers are determined people who refuse to give in. I keep trudging along, thanking all the people who help me to accomplish things. No man stands alone. Not if he intends to succeed.

Thank goodness, I have the blessing of wonderful volunteers, a sweet hubby (who really has embraced Rumble the new pup), and a great department chair at my university. Last but not least, I have great students who make the job as easy as it can be.

Check out my latest post at www.OWFI.org.



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